Zentangle Tiles with colour

Just finished these tiles and added some colour with Fabre-Castell artist pens.
These designs are going to start my colouring book designs. Colour will be introduced at a workshop coming soon.


Diva challenge #275 Give Peace a Chance

This week’s Diva Challenge‘s theme is “Give Peace a Chance” after the events in Dallas this week. Let’s all pull together to spread world peace and love. The challenge was suggested by Suzanne Fluhr CZT as Laura Harms is taking a well deserved break with her family.

Experiments with Colour

I’ve been experimenting with watercolour recently. These tiles were made by starting with watercolour on the tile. I used my Windsor & Newton travel watercolour set which I usually carry around with me. After laying down the colour I used a variety of methods to produce tangles (or patterns) on the tile. With coloured pens I traced around the edges of some of the watercolours and then then used a brown or similar coloured pen to draw tangles between the colours. I loved the effects and I’m going to practice more using this method.